~ Smoothing Some Edges~

Now feeling.

Neuropeptide calamities

rising, rushing round.

Annoyingly familiar.

Recognizing them.

Calling them out and

changing the game for ever more.

The playbook has been worn

the page’s edges rough, tattered

I’ve been playing and panting

while holding my breath.

So I benched myself in order to reevaluate my life.

I’ve practiced forgiveness a lot.

I have breathed full breaths

even exhaled completely.

I’ve stopped expecting and hoping

for things to be

or not to.

Focusing on what is.


Opening my heart to love and patience.

Visualizing who I AM, who I wish to be now.

I AM daring to make goals.

Celebrating my accomplishments.

Smoothing sides and angles

connecting pieces once warped and wrangled

shoring up to true.

Rewiring my chemical responses.

With ease and grace I lead myself

to become who I shall.

Taught by, yet unencumbered by, the past.

For I AM to be what I will to be now.

In gratitude,


“The Breath of Gratitude” “each moment is your present”

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